Interesting Places

We suggest some interesting places located a short distance from our hotel.

Viterbo - Spa Town

The medieval quarter of San Pellegrino, the Papal Palace, the churches and the famousfountains are just some of the time to see beauty in the City of the Popes. For the thermal spasare modern and equipped likesuper-Baths of the Popes, and with which we are only 8 km away.

The Lake of Vico: 8 kilometers

The lake of Vico is a clean clear lake waters which are reflected on the Monte Fogliano and Monte Venere, an area of vigorous volcanic activity originated. The area of ​​12 square kilometers anda perimeter of 18.8 km LakeVico is the third largest lake in Lazio and is swimming.

Villas and Castles

Villa Lante in Bagnaia, Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola and Monster Park in Bomarzo: Threewonders of the late Renaissance, with gardens, fountains, frescoes and sculptures. For it joinsthe large group of castles and palaces reconstructed on pre-existing medieval manorsbelonged to noble lords and princes of the Church of the place: Orsini (Soriano nel CiminoVasanello)-Marescotti Ruspoli (Vignanello), Monaldeschi (Bolsena),Farnese (CaprarolaGradoli, Vale), Borgia (Civita Castellana, Nepi), Odescalchi (Bassano Romano),Albornoz(Viterbo), Santacroce-Altieri (Oriolo Romano). Are also the great fortress of the Popes and the castleof Abbadia in Vulci.

Palazzo Doria Pamphilij

Doria Pamphili Palace is located in San Martino al Cimino, built incorporating the former Convent(Romanesque portal), by Donna Olimpia Pamphili Maidalchini, sister of Pope Innocent X. Completelyrenovated in 1652 by various masters, including Bernini, is today an elegant conference center with severalmeeting rooms with rich wooden ceilings, frescoes andfriezes in a monumental fireplace.

The Lake of Bolsena

The largest volcanic lake in Italy. It has an area of 114 square km and a maximum depth of 151 m. In the lakethere are two small islands, Martana and Bisentina. In the Lake of Bolsenais allowed to navigate with boats.

We wait in our hotel to recommend many other very interesting tours in Tuscia wonderful.