Spa of Popes at Viterbo

The Antica Locanda Francigena has an agreement with the "Terme dei Papi" in Viterbo. Our property is just 8 km from the spa of the Popes.

Discounts on entry to the thermal baths and treatments


Spa of Popes in Viterbo are among the best equipped in the Lazio for a holiday dedicated to wellness and relaxation spa treatmentsabsoluteperhaps with a beautiful spa session or a rejuvenatingbeauty treatment withthermal mud. The spring feeds the Bulicamelarge thermal pool of approximately 2000 square feet: The source is located near the 'plant of the Terme dei Papi in Viterbo.

A provision of the Spa of Popes in Viterbo, there are other springsfrom the point of view of thermal medicine, deviate from thecomposition and otherinformation, creating a further multiplicity and diversity of the possibility oftherapeutic intervention (eg in gastroenterology , Angiology, dentistry), as isthe historical source of the Pope's bathroom which comes from aquifersunderlying the plant, effectively used in the treatment of peripheral vascular disease.

terme-dei-papi-2The striking therapeutic warm cave: The environmental conditions arecreated naturally falling water in the form of hyper waterfalls.After treatment in a cave you can relax in a dedicated area with a pleasant soundtrack inspired by the psycho-physical relaxationand finished this treatment can take arefreshing shower.

Vast space at the spa in Viterbo is reserved for the mud with ashower anddressing rooms complete with whirlpool tub, in which the natural mud comesdirectly with a modern circuit that ensureshomogeneity and constant temperature.

Le cure termali

The treatment facilities provide the Baths of the Popes, along with traditional treatments of thermal medicine, a number of important therapies, inhalations, aerosols, humage, mist (suitable for chronic diseases of the upper airwayssuch as the nasopharynx, larynx, trachea and main bronchi) ; sonic aerosols(sinusitis and otitis), nasal irrigation (atrophic or hypertrophic rhinitis, sinusitis,Ozena syndrome sinusitico-rhino-bronchial) and Politzer Crenotherapicendotympanic insufflation (the tube and ear diseases, deafness), pulmonary ventilation pulmonary chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis),hydro (chronic limb edema, venous insufficiency, post-phlebitis syndrome),bathrooms (arthritis, sequelae of trauma, extra-articular rheumatism and otherrheumatic and dermatological diseases such as acne, psoriasis, seborrhea,eczema), etc..

Do not forget the vascular spa of the Popes with a double spa bath: A warm and a cold where you walk without stopping first in one and then the other withbeneficial effects on joints and veins on the apparatus with a great feelingwell-being and relaxation.